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Roddy Macgregor

The Argyll Tree Surgeon

Victoria Street, Tobermory, Isle of Mull.
Phone : 01688 302406
Mobile : 07767 377364

Are you are looking for a safe, professional, experienced tree surgeon working in the West of Scotland?

Roddy Macgregor has many years of experience in the specialist area of dismantling problematic and dangerous trees. Working in places as far apart as Plockton to Berwick. His work as a tree surgeon in Argyll has involved the repair of storm damaged trees, careful and controlled dismantling of trees near houses, and the removal of dead and damaged branches. He has experience in reshaping and formative tree pruning, tree felling and knows the options for disposing of timber. He can arrange to carry out sawing and planking of timber on site and transportation and storing of felled timber.

Tree surgeon or just a man with a chain saw?

You may know someone who can cut a tree but there are many ways to fell a tree. When it matters, why would you take any risks with dismantling a tree near a home or in public areas. Get a professional opinion when you require someone to do work involving risk. Why not ask for an inspection and assessments of options for removing problem trees. It probably will not cost as much as you imagine when you factor in the consequences of a mistake.

Do you want someone with a good knowledge of the safety and planning issues when removing trees ?

Do you want to use someone with a knowledge of the insurance and public safety issues when using ropes at height or in a public area?

Do you need trees removing but are you worried about damage that may be caused? Do you want to preserve a lawn, a hedge, a feature? Does the visual appearance of the land have an impact on your business or do you need the trees removing in a particular week so as to minimise the disruption to your business?

Do you need someone sympathetic to your particular requirements and who you can expect to do a professional job and understand your particular concerns ?

Are you are looking for a particular piece of timber for a special place such as a mantelpiece. Roddy has a great knowledge of source of timber which may suit your purpose.

If these issues sound relevant to the work you need doing and you require these skills in the West of Scotland then give Roddy a call.

Home phone number :Phone 01688 302406

Mobile phone number : 07767 377364

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Below are a few picture of some of the work Roddy has done - sadly he was more preoccupied with doing the work than having photographs taken so there is not a huge collection to show at the moment . He is now under orders to keep a camera at hand and take pictures to show the various types of work he undertakes.
This job involved dropping these two trees which had become a danger to the buildings on either side. A power line ran behind the trees and buildings. The tree was climbed and guide ropes were secured to assist during the felling. Next the lower branches were removed. The whole tree could have been taken down in sections but that would have been slow and was not necessary because of the use of the guide lines and by accurate felling.
The picture below shows Roddy cutting away and lowering branches from a leggy tree which overhung a property, working high up with a chain saw, cutting off branches and lowering them to the ground was necessary. This tree had outgrown its location and had it fallen would have caused considerable damage to the property below.
Another tree which needed to be climbed and cut down in small sections. At this stage a good deal of the tree had been removed.
This is a piece of wood which Roddy was asked to provide for a very elegant new home in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. It will mature to become a very attractive feature.
This was a job for the Forestry Commission on The Isle of Mull. The tree seen below fell across the cliff path in Aros Park , a popular walk. The problem here was that the roots held back a lot of unstable rock. Roddy decided to use (marine specialist)North West Marine run by Tony Ratcliffe and his heavy work boat Marie Louise, It was decided to use the boat to haul the tree down the bank clear of the path as it was impossible to bring machinery in and too dangerous to cut the tree off the stump due to the large amount of rock sitting behind it.
Below is the Marie Louise hauling the tree down the steep bank towards the sea.
A lot of debris came down during the operation.
This was the last rock to be removed.
Removing timber from Duart Castle on The Isle of Mull.
This tree snapped off during a winter storm and came to rest balanced on top of this boat in Tobermory.
This job was interesting because of the fact that the boat was resting on top of a drum when the tree fell on it. Extra supports were added but the tree still had to be dismantled with some care so as not to topple the boat from it's support.
Finishing off after the main part of the tree had been removed.
Here a tree is cut off high so as to leave a stump to use as an anchor point for a winch..
The big tree is being felled to form a footpath. It had a lot of growth on the left hand side as it had received more daylight. Because of this it was unbalanced.
The winch being used to pull the tree via a pulley in the correct felling direction. (I have to say that young Peter Macgregor was very keen to help but was not involved during the felling.)
The tree is felled accurately down the narrow gap between trees.
Macgregor & Son